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Vehicle Removal Services in Ferguson, MO

Don't let a car emergency ruin your day. Contact Lano Emergency Road Services for prompt and reliable emergency road and vehicle removal services in Ferguson, MO. Our team can come to you 24/7. Whether you need a tire change, car lockout solution, gas delivery, or towing service, we are here to help.

The Importance of Vehicle Removal Services

Abandoned and junk cars can pose a variety of hazards to our community, including:

Environmental Hazards

Abandoned cars can leak oil, gasoline, and other fluids, contaminating soil and water sources.

Public Safety Hazards

Abandoned cars can obstruct traffic, create fire hazards, and attract criminal activity.

Property Value Hazards

Abandoned cars can lower property values and negatively impact our quality of life.

By removing unwanted and junk cars from your community, we can help keep our environment clean, our streets safe, and our property values high. Call us today to seek our services.

Other Offerings

Junk Cars Buyer

In addition to our emergency road services, we also buy junk cars. Our team will come to your location, tow your vehicle away, and pay you cash on the spot. We make the process quick and hassle-free.

Used Cars Sale

At Lano Emergency Road Services, we also sell used cars. Our inventory comprises a variety of makes and models at competitive prices. Our team can help you find the right auto for your needs and budget.

Car Storage

In case you need to store your car but want to avoid paying high storage fees, our vehicle removal services can help you save money. We can tow your car to a safe and secure location until you're ready to retrieve it. Our team will work with you to find a storage solution that meets your needs.